Colton Gates is a Candor born initiate. 


Colton has lived in Candor his whole life, both his parents were born Candor. His mother is Helen and his father is Robert. His father is a very important man.

Colton was betrothed to Reagan at a very young age. The two became best friends. Reagan only sees it as a friendship but Colton hopes it could be more.

Perhaps Colton's greatest moment was when he was 10 years old. He tried to help Reagan get out of a legal matter, she had fought a child with parents in high places. Though they lost Colton was able to reduce Reagan's punishment from becoming fractionless to having her privilage of riding on the bus to school revoked. Colton's mother said she couldn't be more proud of her son.


Colton is very strong minded. Not as stubborn as Reagan, he knows what is right. He made a promise to himself and his family that he will never lye.

Colton is a compationate person. While being honest is most important to him, love is next in line. When he loves something he gives it his whole heart.