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This character belongs to Queen Elsa of Arenbell
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Edith was born to an Abnegation-born Abnegation couple on March 3rd. She was, right from the beginning, an obedient, selfless child, the perfect model of an Abnegation child. Her parents were very proud of her, although never let it show, as it would defeat their morals. Later in her life, her two little brothers were born, one wild, and the other not so much.


In her Aptitude Test, she got 90% Abnegation and 10% Candor, which came as a shock, but she chose Abnegation, naturally. She is now 27 years old and spends most of her time handing out food and other essentials to the Factionless.

Edith was born and raised in Abnegation, and knows no other way of life. She is selfless and would willingly sacrifice herself for anyone - even if they had done her wrong. She has always been modest, and never dreamed of rising high in the world. To herself and most, Edith is just another typical Abnegation who dedicates her life to helping others - especially the factionless.


Edith has brown hair and blue eyes, alongside pale skin.


Birthday: 3rd March
Handedness: Left handed
Faction: Abnegation
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue




"New settlement"

  • Her model is Emilia Clarke
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Edith Neville Abnegation