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Reagan McFoust is a Dauntless initiate.


Reagan was born in the Candor faction to Tomas, an Erudite transfer, and Silvia, Candor born. Her mother ran out on the family when Reagan was only nine months old. Reagan was then raised by her father.

Tomas was very stricked and tried to control all aspects of her life. When Reagan was six her father made an arrangement with another man that Reagan and the man's son, Colton, would be married when they became of age. Reagan never wanted to marry Colton but they did become best friends. 

Reagan was sent home from school multiple times for fighting with others and beating them senseless. Her father punished her but never to siverly, he loved her to much to harm her. Reagan knew that her father cared but did not often return the favor.


Reagan is stubborn as a mule. Once she sets her mind to something there is no way to change it. Reagan is known to fight people if she doesn't like their vibe. 

Reagan is very manipulative. She says her special skill is wrapping people around her little finger. Once she sees someone as useful she practically takes complete control of their lives, atleast until she gets tired of them.