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Starting Up Guide

Need some help with joining our RP wiki? This is a Starting-Up Guide to help you become a part of our community.

Before You Start

Recall the Rules

Unfortunately, all users under the age of 13 are not permitted on the wiki. It is Wikia's policy (and a COPPA law) that you must be 13 years old to have an account here. And, since we don't allow users to RP without an account, then all users under 13 are prohibited from editing on this wiki.
What is COPPA?
COPPA (a.k.a. Child Online Privacy Protection Act) is a United States Law that affects all users. Even if you are not a citizen in the United States of America, Wikia (and this wiki) is based out of California, so all users must comply with this law. If you need a further understanding of the law, you may read the full description on their website. This can be found here.

Read Our Policies

Make sure you are familar with the rules before starting anything. A list of our policies can be found here.

What is Divergent?

The Divergent series is set in a dystopian universe where people are divided into five different factions, as seen above. Its main character, Tris Prior, is what they call Divergent, meaning she fits into more than one faction which will be determined during an aptitude test. Divergence is extremely rare and divergents are currently being hunted down. Since you are born into a faction, at the age of sixteen, you are allowed to choose which faction you want to be a part of. This wiki is set in a universe where the Divergent trilogy didn't happen, and none of the characters in the books exist. For more information about the series, you can check out its official wiki.


The Divergent series is set in a dystopian version of Chicago, some monuments and buildings being retained and perhaps, renamed. It is set way into the future, where each person has a faction to belong in so that everybody knows their roles in society.


The factions are here to help everybody know what their role in society is. There are five different factions in the Divergent trilogy.

  • Abnegation
    Abnegation Logo
    • The Abnegation are very selfless. All members reject a life of vanity and self-indulgence. They find joy in helping others and do not normally call attention to themselves. Their official color is gray, and all faction members wear gray clothing and live in gray houses. Because of their selflessness, they act as the government.
  • Erudite
    Erudite Logo
    • Erudite is the faction of the intelligent. They believe ignorance was the cause of the war that occurred in the past. They believe that intelligence is a gift and not a right, and must be used for the betterment of others. Their official color is blue because it calms the mind and as a result all faction members have to wear one article of blue clothing per day. Erudite serve as the city's doctors, scientists and teachers.
  • Amity
    Amity Logo
    • The Amity are kind. They believe in happiness and freedom from human conflict. They seek peace above all and as a result are rivals with the Candor faction. Their official colors are red and yellow but their dress code is less strict than that of the other factions. They serve as the city's farmers.
  • Dauntless
    Dauntless Logo
    • Dauntless is the faction of the brave. They train to fight and use weapons and have the most severe initiation process of all with three stages, physical, mental and emotional in which you push your body to the breaking point and are subjected to your worst fears. All faction members wear black and normally have different tattoos and piercings. They serve as the city's protection.
  • Candor
    Candor Logo
    • The Candor are honest. They blamed duplicity and lies for human nature's faults. As a result, nobody lies in this faction, and everyone is very blunt, as they believe it is for the best. Members would rather insult somebody honestly rather than lie to them to be polite. Their colors are black and white. They work with the law, as it is proven that they are all very trustworthy and sound.

Aptitude Test
The Quiz

If you're making an initiate character (sixteen-years-old), or you want an adult character of yours placed in a faction, you need to fill out the quiz. If your character is an adult and you have already decided on a faction, there is no need for you to make a quiz if you do not want to. If your character is below the age of sixteen and thus have not partaken in the Choosing Ceremony then do not answer the quiz and rather specify their faction under history.
It is composed of only six questions, with five choices. In order to specify which choice you choose, please bold your answer. There are different ways to bold your answer.

At the end of your quiz you will see this:

Number of A's:
Number of B's:
Number of C's:
Number of D's:
Number of E's

Please fill it out according to your quiz.

Personality, History and Appearance
  • Personality: Write about how your character acts and some characteristics that they have. Are they arrogant? Cunning? Intelligent? Kind? Bratty? Write about it here in order for us to have a better understanding of your character. Personality should be at least two paragraphs, at least three sentences long each.
  • History: Write about some significant things that helped make your character who they are now. What were their parents like? How was their childhood? If your character is below the age of sixteen, specify what faction they are in the history. If your character is an initiate (the age of sixteen) write what made them choose to stay in their faction of birth, or leave it. If your character is an adult, above the age of sixteen, write about both combined. History should be at least three paragraphs, that are at least three sentences long each.
  • Appearance: What does your character look like? What are their physical traits? Write about it here. If you have a picture in mind, please put it here. If you have a model in mind, please place their name there as well. To see if your character's picture is taken, have a look at the Taken Models List.

  • Child: If your character is below the age of sixteen, they are a child. This means they will not take the faction quiz but you will choose their existing faction. When they reach the age of sixteen, you must make another forum for them, this time under the Initiate Aptitude Testing.
  • Initiate: These are the sixteen-year-old characters, who are of age for their choosing.
  • Adult: This is any character over the age of sixteen, who are done with their faction initiation and therefore a full-fledged member of their faction's community. They will pick a job related to their faction, and work to serve the community.

Choosing Ceremony

Because characters are created at different times, Choosing Ceremonies do not regularly happen unless one is planned and requested by multiple users for their characters. Otherwise, after your aptitude test is finished, you will receive a result for which faction you are to be placed in. After two months of staying here, you are allowed one character and one character only that defies the result of their aptitude test and picks a different faction.

Approval Process

Wait for an admin to process your Aptitude Test. If they don't respond within one week, please leave a message on the talk page of a member of the IC department. If there is something wrong with your Test, please fix it within one week. If you do not, your Test forum will immediately be denied. Once your character is Tested, you can make their page.

Making a Character Page
Creating a Page

Type in your character's name in either of the two boxes, it's your choice which one, to create your character's page.

Your character's page can be designed any way you want it to be designed, it can contain any information about your character, but it's highly recommended that you place your character's history, personality, appearance, spell list and link to your user page as well.


Talk Bubbles
How to Create a Template Page

Just enter whatever you want your template to be called here. Some users prefer using their username in order to combine all their bubbles into one template, and others like using one bubble per template for their characters, in which case it's recommended your template name is your character's name.

How to Make a Talk Bubble Template
There is one official talk bubble on the wiki: Word Bubble.
{{Word Bubble
|color      = TOP COLOR
|color2     = BOTTOM COLOR
|textcolor  = TEXT COLOR ON TOP
|fonttype   = FONT
|charpage   = CHARACTER'S PAGE
|time       = {{{time}}}
|text       = {{{CHARACTER FIRST NAME}}}
Now, make sure that you don't remove any of the {{{ or }}}'s. They're there for a reason. Also, when filling out your word bubble template page, you don't have to replace {{{time}}} with the actual time. Only replace what's in caps.

How to Add Another Talk Bubble to Your Template

This is an optional step. As it was said earlier, some users prefer to have all their bubbles in one template, their user template. In order for you to have multiple bubbles in your template, follow these simple steps.

1. First, this code should be at the top of your first bubble on the page:

<includeonly>{{#if:{{{NAME OF THE FIRST BUBBLE|}}}|</includeonly>

2. The name of the first bubble should match whatever is written in between the {{{ }}}'s corresponding to text. So, if your bubble has, for example, this at the end:

|text       = {{{John}}}

The top part should look like this:


3. Now at the bottom of the first bubble, below the }} at the very end of the talk bubble code, copy paste this:


4. For your second bubble the following code has to be in the top:


Just like earlier, it has to correspond to whatever is written in the second bubble. At the bottom of the code, again, you will place an <includeonly> and repeat the step four with all the bubbles you want to place in your template.

5. For every bubble you place in your template, you have to place a pair of brackets, or }}, after the final <includeonly>. Then, you're done.

How to Use Your Talk Bubble

It's simple, really! Just type this in the page editor:

{{TEMPLATE NAME|time = ~~~~~|BUBBLE NAME = What you want to say here.}}

So, for example, if the name of your template is John Smith, and the name of the bubble is John, you use it like this:

{{John Smith|time = ~~~~~|John = What you want to say here.}}

General RP

Remember to read our roleplay policy.

Roleplay as if you were writing. What would your character do? What would they say in this situation? Remember to use proper grammar and differentiate actions, thoughts and words, using quotation marks or other literary devices.

You can RP anywhere on the wiki, but aside from on character pages, you cannot RP in the comments. If you see a heading beneath the roleplay section of a page with the names of specific characters, it means these users want their RP to be between them and them only.

You can ask other users to RP with you via message on talk page or on chat.


Especially for the Dauntless, when two characters are to fight with one another, make sure that it's fair play. All actions you have that are meant to defend your character or harm their opponent must be attempts. You can do it like a duel, and let the RPer of the opposing character decide whether they get harmed or not. Or, you could ask a member of the OOC Department to GM, or act as Game Master, who will decide which moves are effective or not.